Will Power

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Will Power”

Last week we started a weekly series here for the first twelve weeks of 2022. I am focusing on our Twelve Powers as bestowed to us from Unity’s cofounder, Charles Fillmore.  Each week we’ll look at one of the powers.  I don’t usually present them in the traditional order.  I start at the top and work my way through the body.  Quite frankly, it’s easier to remember this way and it’s easier to connect how they work and to use them practically.  Please remember that all of our spiritual principles and teachings are only a theory until they are practiced and proven. 

I will post the current week’s power first and have the previous weeks below.  That way you can see how the earlier powers connect.

Our second Power is WILL.  Will sits behind the left eye and works directly with the Power of Faith.  Remember, Faith is our “Yes” power so Will works to bring about whatever I have said “yes” to…even if what I am saying “yes” to isn’t in my highest interest.  However, if my “Yes” is for the Good of all, then we’re really cooking with gas as my grandfather used to say.  (He worked for the gas company.)

The Power of Will consciously seeks the best channels for manifesting our Faith or our “Yes.” 

In taking time for conscious thinking, visualize what your Power of Faith (in the center of your brain) is saying “yes” to and then see it making contact with the Power of Will behind your left eye in order to bring about a manifestation.  (Look at what I have said about Faith below.)

Let’s give thanks now that are using our Twelve Powers to consciously manifest the lives we have always dreamed of.  I give thanks for the opportunity to write about them and come to a greater understanding as I do.  I give thanks and I know that gratitude is our greatest healer.

Rev. Shawn


This first week, let’s look at the Power of FAITH.  Faith sits in the middle of the brain and is our “Yes” power.  Our faith is what we are saying “Yes” to.  No matter what direction our faith is pointed to, it is what we are saying “Yes” to.  And yes, we can say “Yes” to the negative as easily as the positive.  For example, my faith can be pointed to what I fear as well as what I love.  If I place my faith in fear, that is what I am saying “yes” to.  It’s good to pay attention.

This week, pay attention to where you are consciously and unconsciously placing your faith.  Observe your thoughts, your conversations, and your actions.  We often aren’t even aware of what we have faith in.

Faith has often been used in relation to God, but that is only true if we are using God-thoughts, God-words, and God-actions.  (God stuff is the permanent stuff.) What is unlike God is the temporary stuff (fear, resentment, complaints, gossip, criticism, gluttony, resistance etc…)  That is all temporary because a True thought will shift it and your faith can be placed aright again.)

As I said, pay attention to where your faith is pointing?  I suggest you find a compass that leads to Spirit and the Good awaiting you.

Here’s to Faith In Our Good,
Rev. Shawn