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Prayer Chaplain Team

RAISSA KATONA BENNETT- Raissa has been a Unity member since 2005, a Chaplain and Platform
Assistant at UCN, a Reiki Master and Vibrational Sound Massage Practitioner. A professional
actress/singer, she is a regular soloist at Unity Center.h
e is a Chaplin and Platform Assistant at Unity Center of Nowalk.


MARIA CORSARO- Maria has been a member of Unity since 1999. She is currently a platform assistant for Sunday service and is a member of Joyful Noise choir.  Maria served on the board of trustees at Unity from 2014 to 2020.  She studied the Pathwork lectures and is a trained 50/50 Pathwork helper. Currently she is an assistant professor of Nursing at Columbia University in the doctoral midwifery program. Prior to teaching she was a practicing midwife for 32 years. She is a singer and has performed in various venues in NYC & Norwalk.



THERESA CRISCI - She is a Licensed Unity Teacher.  She was on the Board as Treasurer for
Unity of Norwalk for 4 years, has been Platform Assistant since 2012 and served as a volunteer
in many positions.


s Chlin and PlatforAssistant at Unity Center of Nowalk.

MARIANNE SASSANO- She has been a member of Unity Center of Norwalk from 1998, since her son was
2. She then taught Sunday school for years and was a prayer chaplain for the community.  She was also
a part of the Board of Trustees.


JOHN VALENTINE - he has served as an altar boy in his first church to becoming a youth leadership trainee
at twelve in his next church.  He was appointed as the administrator of the “Teens and Twenties” youth ministry before even reaching high school. From there his spiritual commitments evolved into many different roles including head sound and lighting technical director, Worship Team backup singer and small group leader. In adulthood he took on roles such as: Youth Retreat coordinator, topical speaker and individual prayer worker/counselor and ultimately youth minister.he is a Chaplin and Platform Assistant at Unity Center of Nowalk.
She is a Chaplin and Platform Assistant at Unity Center of Nowalk.

This Year's Prayers are based on The Twelve Powers

Faith | Strength | Wisdom | Love | Power | Imagination | Understanding | Will | Order | Zeal | Release | Life

Prayer and Affirmations
Affirmation: Focused on divine wisdom I know what is mine to do.


There Are No Limits to Prayer

No prayer request is too big or too small. Some people call when they’ve lost a loved one; others call when they’ve misplaced their keys! Even if you are not sure what to pray for, our prayer team will pray with you about your situation.

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