What Is a TRUTH Student?

Hey Everybody,
“What Is a TRUTH Student?”

What is a Truth student?  First of all that is what you could call someone in Unity.  We’re not “Unitarians,” and a “Unitic” is a joke name for an overly zealous person in Unity.   A Truth student is one who is studying Truth.  That is “Truth” with a capital “T”.  Truth with a capital T is referring to that which never changes.  God never changes.  The Law of God never changes.  So we are studying a way to live within the law that never changes instead of trying to skirt our way around this law.

As Truth students, we follow a course of study that turns everything the world teaches upside down and shows us a path that actually frees us from the bondage of limited thinking and allows us to think from a Source of infinite love and wisdom.  

As Truth students we don’t get our Truth information from people and books.  (Although people and books may act as guides.)  We get our True guidance from within.  Truth students always go within to where the real information resides when they want to know the Truth.  

“And you shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) That promise is what makes Truth so attractive.  The very idea that freedom is possible, makes giving up our illusions seem to be hardly a sacrifice at all.  

If you are reading this, then chances are you are a Truth student.  If you weren’t aware of that before this moment, decide it for yourself now.  Go within and get all of the information you can for full research into the study of Truth.  Begin to desire Truth more than you desire your illusions.  Keep asking the Divine Voice within you to guide your mind to Truth.  Ask yourself to see through the eyes of Truth, as well as asking your ears to listen with the hearing of Truth.  Ask yourself to respond to all situations after consulting with the Divine guide within.
So, we are “study-buddies” together in the class of Divine Life.  I believe we will simply experience freedom…once we have known the Truth.

Your Fellow Student,

Rev. Shawn