What Is a Sabbatical?

Hey Everybody,
"What Is a Sabbatical?”

 A sabbatical is a paid time away from one’s professional work in order to deepen his/her professional skills.  I’m actually writing this before I leave on my sabbatical and my plans so far are to take ten days in a Vipassana course of silent meditation, (starting today at 4 PM).  I’m not doing this in order to teach Vipassana.  I actually have an agreement that I won’t try to teach Vipassana.  The purpose of taking the course in entirely experiential.  When I return, I can relate my experiences, but I will still be unqualified to teach it.  I am planning a trip to Mexico to be still in a quiet town where many Americans reside.  I am planning to visit other churches and see how they do things.  I have plans to meet with friends in other states.  I shall take a sabbath from the weekly activities involved with pastoring a church and I will seek to deepen my strengths in order to participate in expanding the consciousness of Unity Center of Norwalk.  I am trusting that the Community will do its best to expand its own individual and collective consciousness while I am away.  

Have the best time and I look forward to playing again soon.

Rev. Shawn