What Is Prosperity?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"What Is Prosperity?"

Prosperity is a state of mind…just like poverty is a state of mind.  It’s not an actual condition, because if it were, there would be a dollar amount on both prosperity and poverty.  Has anyone ever said what the amount is for someone to be prosperous?

In Unity we talk about Prosperity a lot.  It seems to be a priority for us.  Perhaps it ought to be and yet, many of us spend more time resisting poverty than we do accepting prosperity.  My mentor, Rev. Edwene Gaines defines prosperity as:

1.    A vitally alive, healthy body to house this God-being that I am.
2.    Relationships that are loving and nurturing and harmonious and that work all of the time.
3.    Work that is so much fun that it is more like play.
4.    All the cash that I can spend.

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity listed by Edwene Gaines in her book of the same name are:

1.    Tithing- One tenth of your income to where you are spiritually fed.
2.    Forgiveness- The practice of releasing attachment to the past and no longer needing it to be different.
3.    Setting Goals- as to what you want in life rather than settling for what life hands you.
4.    Finding your purpose- The art of going within and listening for your passion.

Yes, I do have a class starting Wednesday, September 19th on this book and this topic and this letter isn’t to sell the class but to direct all of us to this practice.  If it isn’t your practice already, and you aren’t satisfied with how you are experiencing your prosperity, I suggest you read the flyer for the requirements and see if it is part of your next step to unlocking the Kingdom in your mind and life.  

What is prosperity?  It is the freedom to give and to receive of all Good.  It is the awakened mind to recognize the Good.  Prosperity is fully conscious living and moving into what we KNOW to be True, in spite of fear, anxiety or doubt.  It is the willingness to say, “Yes” I’m willing to give the greatest a try.

In the Joy of sharing Prosperous Living,

Rev. Shawn