What If God Is Real, and God is Not What I Thought It Was?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"What If God Is Real, and God is Not What I Thought It Was?"

We all have an idea of God.  Even those of us who claim that we don’t believe in God have an idea of God.  The seed has been planted in everyone, positively or negatively.  If I don’t believe in God, I have a vision of what I believe I don’t believe. (Think about it.) 

Now, what if God is nothing like I thought it was and all this time I have been fooling myself?  What if God is not a He or a She but an It?  What if God is not religious?  What if Jesus is not the Son of God…at least any more than you and I are?  What if I never have to ask God for something again…and yet I can manifest abundantly all of the time?  What if I never need to be guilty again?  What if I never have to go out of integrity to get what I want again?  What if I know what I want, but am afraid to have it?  What if…?  

That’s a lot of questions.  Many of us would like to be able to define God.  That’s what a lot of organized religion is about, defining God.  The problem with that is that it limits the Infinite; assuming we think of God as Infinite (and I do.)

On most Sunday’s I explain that the word “God” is a word we humans made up in order to communicate the Infinite with each other.  Still, in our communications using the word “God”, we have created a limited understanding of God.  As soon as we use words to describe something (anything) we put it in a proverbial box and narrow its qualities.

Let’s make a choice now to assume that Love is Real.  Presence is Real.  Joy is Real.  Knowledge is Real.  Power is Real.  Let’s choose for that right now and choose to assume that all of these things are what I Am and I demonstrate them according to my thinking and my willingness.  Let’s live in that choice so that no matter what is happening, we can know that there is Good here and we are willing to see it and experience it.  

What if?  Wouldn’t we rather be right that there is Good present everywhere?  Let’s go with that.

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed,

Rev. Shawn