What Do I Do Before...?

Hey Everybody,
"What Do I Do Before...?"

The question that comes up is, "What do I do before I call to complain?"  Or “What do I do before I confront?”  What do I do before…?  Do I think about how I have been wronged and what a waste of time this has been?  Do I prepare myself to give them a piece of my mind (which I can scarcely afford to give away)?  Do I contemplate how hard this is and use this as an opportunity to reaffirm how nobody ever hears me and I am completely misunderstood and my needs are never met and what is the use of even trying and...?

OR, do I pray?

  •   Before I call the service company I need to take on a thought of God, and that God is the very Presence that I need in every situation.   
  •   I can ask the Highest Voice within me what to think about this situation.  
  •   I can affirm that it is possible not to take my anger out on the person I am about to speak with.  
  •   I can ask the Highest Voice within me what to say.
  •   Before I pick up the phone I can say, "Love, Love, Love...

There are a multitude of things I can do to practice the spirituality that I have embraced.  I can use these situations to prove the Presence of God is active in everyone and everything, everywhere.

Every situation is an opportunity to think of God first.  Or at the very least, second.  There is no excuse to think of anything but God and the Good that God is.  

What do I do before I hit SEND?  What do I do before I dismiss someone (including myself)?  What do I do before I decide?  What do I do before…?

I pray…expecting to hear for the Good of all.

Nice praying with you,