Undefining Myself

Hey Everybody,
"Undefining Myself”

Some of us may not realize it but we have been defining ourselves with the meaning we give to our every thought and event.  The issue is, it’s not an accurate definition.  We have been defining ourselves based on limited thoughts with limited understanding.  Now it’s time to undefine ourselves.

How do I undefine myself when I didn’t even know I was defining myself.  We undefine by interrupting ourselves each time we tell ourselves a story without knowing all the facts.  I do it by remembering, “Oh, wait a minute, where is God in this?  Where is Truth in this?  Do I really know what I’m talking about here?”  I don’t have to beat myself up for going into a story without knowing all of the information, but I do need to interrupt and get more and better info.  

When we are calling things in our life “bad” we are unconsciously calling ourselves bad.  We don’t have to do that.  Begin to see the difference in poor to atrocious behaviors and who we are by nature.  We really don’t want to know ourselves or each other as “bad”.  Get more and better information by going within and asking what to think about this and that. 

As you practice this, notice that you have less and less definition of yourself and more and more freedom.  If you don’t have more freedom, I encourage you to look and see if you are still trying to box yourself in with meaning that isn’t true.  

As they say, “Be still and KNOW!”

In Knowing and Not Defining,

Rev. Shawn