The Science of Success

Based on three prosperity classic books by Wallace Wattles
The Science of Getting Rich,
The Science of Being Well,
The Science of Being Great

“Why be poor when you could be rich, mediocre when you could be great, or sick when you could be healthy, when you have the ability to get whatever you want?”
“You are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it, everyone else will have more than they have now.”  -Wallace Wattles

On Zoom at Unity of Norwalk every Wednesday at 7 PM while we read and discuss what our master prosperity teacher Wallace Wattles has written.  We will consider his ways and we will update the language for greater appreciation and application where necessary.

Wednesdays at 7pm
$20 Suggested Love Offering

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ShawnRev.  Shawn  Moninger  is  an  ordained  Unity  Minister, currently serving as senior minister at Unity Center of Norwalk since 2004.   Rev. Shawn and his partner David Friedman are in high demand as speakers in  the  New Thought and Unity movements. They travel extensively speaking at prominent events such as the International New Thought  Alliance Conference, Unity Conference, retreats and leading churches throughout the country.