The Reason for the Season

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“The Reason for the Season”

The Christ in me is rising up in my consciousness.  That’s the point of the Easter season for me.  A resurrection of what is True in my mind.  The season isn’t actually about Jesus.  It is about the Christ in each of us and we can use this time, just like we use Christmas to remind us of the birth of the anointing in ourselves. 

Use these times for the practice of practical spirituality.  Actually, use all time for the practice of practical spirituality, but allow these holidays to reinforce what you know to be true and to overcome forgetfulness. 

The celebratory stuff of holidays is great.  Who doesn’t like a good marshmallow peep?  (Don’t answer that.)  Hopefully Christmas brings a warm fuzzy feeling.  But let’s use these holidays to really remember who and what we are.  We are spiritual beings…meaning that we are made up of Spirit.  We are made in the image and likeness of Truth, Wisdom, Love and Intelligence.  I beg of us all to make remembering that our priority today and every day. 

How wonderful!

In Continued Easter Blessings,
Rev. Shawn Moninger