Practice Love

Hey Everybody,
“Practice Love”

There is so much happening here on planet earth and it’s disturbing and it affects all of us.  No one is untouched by violence, harsh words, unkindness, murder, suicide, and dismissal.

On the other hand, no one is untouched by love, kindness, inclusion and the realization of Oneness.

We can either focus on the first paragraph or we can focus on the second.  Today, I’m going to focus on the second, because the practice of Love will diminish the first one to not happening again.  Love, properly used, really does conquer all.

There isn’t an opposite to Love because anything contrary to Love is temporary.  All of this violence and inhumanity is going to fall away as we practice Love in our thinking and in our word as well as our actions.  Unfortunately, everything unlike Love may raise its hideous head first.

Keep practicing Love.  Practice it in your thoughts, your words and your actions.  Make the practice of Love a priority in your home, your work and in your play.  Make it a priority in your relationships and on the streets you walk and drive upon.  Treat all beings (including yourself) in Love.  Do it now.  Do it always.


Rev. Shawn