The Old Teachings Are Still Relevant

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“The Old Teachings Are Still Relevant”

I’ve seen so many individuals reject healing possibilities because they don’t like the old time language of some of the best guides.  A lot of people reject Charles Fillmore’s writings because they don’t understand his writings.  “It’s too hard” they say.  “His writing is confusing.”  I say to you, “Yes, sometimes his writings are confusing and the language is confusing.”  I am so very grateful that the healing he was offering was more important to me than my dislike or fear of the way it was written.  I can now pick up any Charles Fillmore book and not only understand it, I can teach it.  I can metaphysically interpret the Bible and I can grasp A Course In Miracles without making it an object of either guilt, confusion or worship.

My healing is far more important to me than my literary assessment.  My healing is more important to me than not healing by rejecting the teachings, or my made up judgments, of the authors.  There is one book of which I threw every copy away.  (I will not mention which one.)  I met the author and her behaviors were so far removed from anything she wrote that I decided I could no longer read her books, (that has helped a lot of people including me before I spent a weekend retreat with her) and because of the personality involved, I have robbed myself of the value of her writings.  Foolish on my part.  

In the upcoming weeks I’m going to offer up some insights from our antecedents of New Thought so that we may embrace those who have come before us in the interest of healing and then passed their personal understanding on to us so that we may prove the principles of healing for ourselves and then we may pass them on as well.
In Great Anticipation of Great Insights and Great Healings,

Rev. Shawn