No Spiritual Call For Guilt

Hey Everybody,
"No Spiritual Call For Guilt”

Nothing from Spirit has ever told me I ought to be guilty.  Misunderstood religion and those who practice it have told me about the virtues of guilt, but Spirit within me has never advised me that I could find redemption through guilt.  I find redemption through awakening to God within me.  

It’s a tremendous relief to know that I am not expected to be guilty in Principle.  In fact, guilt will just produce more guilt and ultimately guilt isn’t even real.  Guilt is based on a concept of unforgiveness and unforgiveness isn’t real, because in reality, we are not judged.  With all that guilt floating around, I am burdened by a lot of nothing that is real.

This is not to say we shouldn’t make amends where necessary.  Amends are to release guilt, not make more of it.  Amends are also a fantastic way to rethink ourselves and our behaviors.  Amends help to connect us rather than keep us separate us.  Guilt is a separator.  Shame separates us.  I know that when I pray or seek counsel from the Still Small voice within me, I am never asked to be guilty or ashamed.  I am guided to freedom in my thoughts and behaviors.

If I am to live as the spiritual being that I am, then I must make restitution for any poor past behaviors. But being guilty is not restitution; it’s just delaying it. 

I urge us all to look at any guilt we are still experiencing and see if there is restitution to be made.  Then make it and be set free.


Rev. Shawn

P.S.  As most of you know, I am starting my Sabbatical next Monday.  I would sure like it if you could be here on Sunday to bless me as I go off on the next part of my spiritual journey.   Thank you.