The Most Spiritual Time of the Year

Hey Everybody,
“The Most Spiritual Time of the Year”

Actually, every time of the year is the most spiritual time of the year, but I didn’t want to put that it’s the most religious time of the year.  

This is one of those periods of the year where there are so many religious holidays, reverence days and days to recognize saints, and rituals and meals to celebrate religious practices.  Here we are just looking to better understand what Jesus and other leaders taught.  Then, we may better embrace our god-selves and come to terms that we may be joy-filled, healthy, harmonious and wealthy all the time.  

The rituals can be fun and heartwarming, but the rituals don’t make me more spiritual.  The rituals are only practical if I use them to more fully awaken to my divine potential.  

So, during this Lenten, Easter, Passover, and any other season, use them for awakening to the Good that is present now.  Do not compare them with the past. Allow any and all celebration and recognition to be for your god-self now.  

In Holy Joy,

Rev. Shawn