A Misuse of Power

Hello Unity Friends and Family,

“A Misuse of Power”

I think we need to pay attention to how we are using or misusing our Power.  First of all, we absolutely must realize that we have power and we are very powerful.  Just because we aren’t aware of it doesn’t mean we don’t have it.  It’s kind of like driving a car.  We know we must control it but most of us don’t realize how powerful the vehicle is until we hit something with it.  If you want to know how powerful your mouth is, accidentally bite down on a fork while eating.  At least one of your teeth is likely to be smaller if not absent.

Our faculty of Power is in the throat and I invite all of us to see how powerful our words are.  We can always use words to lie to ourselves or remind us of what is True.  We can misuse power to tell ourselves what God is not, and therefore what we are not.  It won’t be true, but we’ll believe it and live like it is. 

Choose your words to reflect what you believe about God.  Choose your words to reflect what you believe about your connection to God.  Be sure that there is nothing in those words that could separate you from God in your consciousness.  Be sure to leave out anything shaming or attacking.
Omit words that attack another (whether they are in the room or not.)  Do not go online and use your wonderful power of Power to condemn another being.  Remember, everyone is your sibling and yourself.  You can deny it, but it’s still true.  

We are getting closer to a season of fasting from gossip, criticism and complaining.  Let’s start now by only using words that we want to reflect our belief in God the Good and ourselves the Good, and our neighbors the Good.  

That Feels Good,

Rev. Shawn