Make Decisions Based on Love and Wisdom

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Make Decisions Based on Love and Wisdom”

So many of our decisions are based on fear rather than Love or True Wisdom.  We decide what we decide to keep from losing rather than because we already have everything.  Decide now that you already have everything Good.  Decide now that all beings already have everything Good. 

In these decisions there is no reason to “get even” or punish.  There is no reason to steal or lie.  There is every reason to be honest without being unkind.  There is every reason to behave generously.  There is every reason to look further than behaviors for our judgments. 

In your decisions this week, the large ones and the smallish ones, look at why you are leaning towards the decision you are making.  Does it glorify Spirit within you.  Does it enhance your sense of joy?  Will it make someone else’s life better?  Decide with God and then pay attention.

Here’s to GOOD Decisions,
Rev. Shawn