Living From the Super-consciousness:Work On Forgiving Two Today

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness

“Work On Forgiving Two Today”

Let’s work on experiencing forgiveness for two people today; ourselves and someone else.  As long as we are holding a resentment (no matter how minor) for someone else, we are holding ourselves captive as well.  

That is what we are doing by maintaining our resentments; we are holding ourselves captive with the very person we don’t like.  Whether you know it or not, when we are keeping unforgiveness alive for another, we are living in unforgiveness.  That has to wear on our own psyche.  Not only that, unforgiveness multiplies.  Suddenly I find myself resenting a third and even a fourth person.  At some point I wake up to realize I am lugging resentment around with me all day and I am thinking about those people more than the ones I think I love.

I know I talk about forgiveness a lot and I’m certain I’m not the only one who still has a couple of people they are holding onto. Forgiveness seems to be a life-long process.  There are countless people, institutions and policies to offend our righteous sensibilities.  So many words, and roadblocks to enable us to forget our Christ awakening and put us back to sleep.

 Here is my suggestion for all of us:  when you notice something attacking your thoughts, interrupt it and think, “Oh no you don’t.  I am a beloved child of a loving creator and I’m willing to think thoughts that reflect that!”  

Hand over all of your thoughts of resentment to Spirit and declare: “I am a beloved child of a loving creator and I know that all beings are beloved children of a loving creator and I am willing to think thoughts that reflect that!”   I know it’s a long affirmation; say it anyway and say it every time a disturbing thought about another comes up.    What I can promise you is that our world will shift as we do this.  If everyone of us interrupts our unforgiveness, then forgiveness will happen and we won’t  be weighted down with resentment but will be lifted up in Spirit and in Truth.  Let’s release ourselves today.   


 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Love, Love, Love,
Rev. Shawn