Living From the Super-consciousness:My Problem Is God’s Opportunity

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“My Problem Is God’s Opportunity”

This is an old saying about our problems being God’s opportunity, and frequently, old sayings point the way to a greater faith in the Invisible.  

Everything going on in our life is an opportunity to seek higher thinking.  Our problems require us to look inward to the Divine Voice rather than the egoic voice to tell us what to think.  So, anything that disturbs our peace is an opportunity for God to be present and active in our thinking, our speaking and our actions.

Several years ago I was on an airplane to go to North Carolina.  It was one of those planes that had a single seat on one side and two seats on the other.  I was in a single seat in the second row behind a woman.  During the flight, I had my computer out and suddenly the woman put her seat back heavily into my computer and my knees.  She asked me to move my knees for her comfort.  I explained that there wasn’t room for that and could she move her chair forward.  Things escalated quickly.  She exclaimed, “I have the right to put my seat back!”  “Yes, you do, “I said, “but, my knees are going to be pushing against it.”  She jerked her seat back even harder.  I forgot who I was and I pushed her seat forward as hard as I could.  She started yelling to the flight attendant that I had hit her.  I said that I hadn’t, but everything would be fine here.  (The last thing I needed was to be accused of aggression on an airplane.)  So, as I sat there thinking of a peaceful solution, along with trying to figure out how I could “show her” how spiritual I was by using the language of God to shame her.  As I kept thinking about how clever I could be with my spiritual language, I was playing over certain words that would fit together and suddenly I thought of the term “disturbing the peace.”  It occurred to me that the peace had been disturbed.  Who has disturbed it?  Well, if my peace was disturbed, it could only be me who had disturbed it because I was the one telling myself what all of this meant.  I was declaring meaning.  With that, my resentment of the woman vanished.  By the time we landed, as we stood up, I said to her, “I apologize for disturbing your peace today.”  She said, “Don’t worry about it.”  We both walked off that plane with the peace restored.  G-O-D was my opportunity for healing that day.  I looked for a spiritual solution (even if I went about it in a wonky way) the love and peace of God prevailed and we were set free.

Today, seek each disturbance as an opportunity for G-O-D to heal it.  It always works.  I have lots of stories where I started with my ego but wanted God more than I wanted to be “right.”  

I would rather God be right.  Would you?

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

I am willing that we all remember to pray today,
Rev. Shawn