Living From the Super-consciousness: “Live and Let Live”

Living From the Super-consciousness
“Live and Let Live”

Hey U-nity,

Have you been bogged down by your opinions?  Some might call them judgments, but to be nice, we’ll call them opinions.  I understand that we have preferences in life, but within our preferences, we have opinions (judgments) that are just none of our business and we are letting ourselves get waylaid on our journey because of these thoughts flowing through our mind that we would do well to interrupt and let go of.

I have blocked people on facebook so that I wouldn’t see their posts and thus be judgmental of them.  I knew I couldn’t control certain thoughts about some of these people if their opinions were coming up on my wall and I know that my function is to love them rather then judge them, so I removed their postings from my sight.  Live and let live.  If people and I don’t agree about certain things, it is better that I seek God’s Knowledge rather than my opinions and fears.  The fears in me will only lead to limited thinking and I can’t afford limited thinking; I can only afford rich thinking.

I had to learn how to let my family live and let live rather than trying to change them.  I’ve had to do it in a lot of places and with a lot of people.  Live and let live doesn’t mean people can be destructive without consequences, but it doesn’t mean they have to take up space in my head because I think I know them better than God knows them.  I have to pray and get in with a God-thought in order to see past my judgments and open to love.  My judgments limit all of us.  Divine Intelligence opens the way for infinite joy.

Let’s open to Infinite joy by living and let everyone live.  God will not lose.

Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Rev. Shawn