Let’s Try This Again

Hey Everybody,
“Let’s Try This Again”

Last week I sent out the following lesson because I was asked to take us all deeper.  On Sunday I asked who all had read my letter.  Six people raised their hand.  I can only take us so deep in 20 to 25 minutes each Sunday morning.  So I am resending last week’s message.  Please read it and send me your thoughts.  Also, podcasts of our Sunday talks are available on Spotify and the video is on Youtube each week.

Have the best week you can possibly have.
 Rev. Shawn

“Going Deeper Isn’t What You Might Think It Is”

 Over the years I have been asked by individuals to take them deeper.  Sometimes I get confused because I think that is what I am trying to do.  Unless, what they are asking me to do is give greater intellectual understanding, rather than practical practices.

I went within yesterday and I asked how I could help everyone to go deeper and the answer I got was to ask all of us to incorporate something into our practice that we have been avoiding, and to do it while giving the results over to the love of God.

It’s one of the hardest things we’ll do, but it will let us know where our faith lies.  What that means is to ask ourselves the question, “Is my faith in myself or my God and the Good of my God?”  Many of us think we have faith in God, but we really don’t.  We have faith in money and the absence or presence of it.  We have faith in lack.  We have faith in evil.  We have faith in politics and the news. We have faith in our fear.  We place our faith in other people.  But we don’t place our faith in God.  It’s too scary.

We have divine ideas and passions and desires, but our faith in the absence of Good and talent within ourselves let’s us do less than we are capable of.

We tell ourselves we are not loved in a million ways and then wonder why we don’t feel loved
or that we have to create love.  We settle for less than love in our life experience over and over.

I don’t say this so that we can have guilt. Oh yeah, that’s another thing we place our faith in, guilt.  I say it so that we may end the experience of guilt.

I am asking all of us to take into our practice something that we have been avoiding.  Something that we keep being taught to do but we have been saying “no” to.  Here is a list of things we can try (for now, choose one):

  • Forgiveness of someone we think we can’t forgive.
  • Tithe.
  • Pay our bills.
  • Show up for everything on time.
  • Admit you are loved and then live like you are.
  • Only post loving thoughts.
  • Turn off the news for a whole week.
  • Put down sugar.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Diet.
  • Do random acts of kindness.
  • Interrupt self-criticism (every time).
  • Interrupt gossip (every time).
  • Meditate daily.
  • Pray correctly (yes, there are wrong ways to pray).
  • Take classes at Unity.  Show up on time and do the assignments.
  • Read our Unity books and ask questions of what you don’t understand.
  • Join a 12 step fellowship if needed.
  • Start living life with others rather than doing it on your own.
  • Feel you feelings.
  • Do something good for yourself that makes you really uncomfortable.

Choose something that you think would make you a stronger Truth Student and practitioner.

If you want to go deeper, you are going to have to stretch yourself all the way.  Please do it.  If you want to discuss it, call me in the office at 203-855-7922 and join us on Sunday where we will talk more deeply about it.

Best Always,

Rev. Shawn