An Insight From Myrtle Fillmore

Welcome Home Everybody,

“An Insight From Myrtle Fillmore”

This week is another insight from one of our Antecedents of New Thought.  Today’s vision comes from Unity’s co-founder Myrtle Fillmore.  Myrtle Fillmore is thought of as the “Heart of Unity.”

In chapter seventeen of her book “How To Let God Help You”, she writes: “Our restlessness represents a power that is crying out to be expressed.  It may take the form of appetite or of ambition, but rightly directed it will be a wonderful something within us that will transcend all the desires of the outer senses.”

In this chapter she is referring to those of us who have been settling for less when it comes to experiencing our true power.  We settle for less when we use substances to direct ourselves towards physical satisfaction rather than turning towards our God-selves for spiritual satisfaction.

What I love about Myrtle’s insight is, “We condemn men/women for drinking liquor, but we should not do so.  The drinker (drugger, sex addict, food addict etc…) has a great longing to do something.  S/He does not want to follow the common walks of life; he/she wants to follow the higher ways.  Not understanding the urge within S/He thinks S/He can satisfy it through the senses, so they take something stimulating,” i.e. a drink, a drug, inappropriate food, inappropriate sex, thoughts, words and actions that are used to stimulate and result in a sense of separation rather than a real connection.  And still we ought not be condemned or do the condemning.  

Myrtle advises that “until we find wholeness in Christ we will not be satisfied.”  Let’s chat about the word Christ.  Some people get real fussy when it comes to that word and it needs proper interpretation.  The word Christ here isn’t referring to Jesus or religion.  It is referring to our highest understanding of spirit, mind and body.  It is aligning the three aspects rather than separating them and ultimately just trying to satisfy the body.  Seek to let the spirit aspect of yourself lead the way to full satisfaction.  It may take a bit of getting used to but it is absolutely worth it.  Interrupt the demands of the body long enough to hear the offerings of Spirit within and then follow through with the new thought.  Do this repeatedly and with great compassion.  As you do it for yourself, your judgments of others with diminish as well and then you can be totally set free in your whole self.

On the journey to True Power From Within,

Rev. Shawn