I Seek Guidance

Hey U-nity,

Living From the Super-consciousness
“I Seek Guidance”

Many of us desire guidance; but once it is given, do we receive it?  “I pray to be guided on my journey today.”  (“as long as it’s not too scary, uncomfortable or inconvenient.”)

So often I hear, “I don’t know what God’s will is for me!  I keep asking but I’m not hearing anything.”  With all due respect, I say “Baloney!”  If you really want guidance, you are given it.  However, you may be so busy exclaiming that you don’t have what you want that you are not hearing how to get it. 

If you want guidance, ask for it and then shut up and expect it.   Quit claiming your Good is not here.  Many years ago that if I want to see my Good, I must expect my Good.  I also learned that my Good doesn’t always look like I thought it would.

I think all of us want peace, right?  If I want peace, I must actually want it at any cost and I must then expect it.  The cost is likely to be the taking away of chaos.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Many of us, that’s who.  Many of us just can’t seem to release chaos and yet still complain about the seeming absence of peace.

Many of us want to be our god-selves and yet spend a lot of our thinking and speaking time ignoring our god-selves. 

Go within and ask for guidance about being your god-self.  “But who am I asking, Shawn?”  You are asking yourself.  All it of yourself.  We are god-beings and so all that God has and is, we have and are.  When you seek guidance, check your motives.  Do you want the guidance of Spirit for so that you may know the Truth, or to find a temporary fix for a temporary problem? 

I guess it doesn’t really matter which you want it for, (although one is certainly more altruistic than the other).  If you ask, you must expect in order to have results.    


Free to Love,

Rev. Shawn