Holy Days

Hey Everybody,  
"Holy Days"

The holidays are upon us.  What if we called them "Holy Days?"  In our thinking of each day as a holy day, there wouldn't be room to complain about how others celebrate their holidays.  In our thinking of today as a holy day, we won't care how early the stores put out their decorations or even what their motives are for putting them out so early.  We won't have time to worry because today is a holy day.  

As each day is a holy day we will think more about how to experience forgiveness for each offense (past and present).  So then dreading seeing family and friends, we will be praying on how to see ourselves and each other as God-beings made in the image and likeness of Love despite their beliefs and political motives.  Who we vote for is not an expression of our god-selves nearly so much as our belief in the world as our reality.  

I encourage all of us to go within and ask how we may release our judgments and take on greater thoughts of love.  We will never be set free by being self-righteous.  We are already free and we must set down any blockages to our freedom by setting everyone free from our limited opinions.  I am well aware that there are many people doing horrible things in the world. It is my belief that if I become willing for the end of confusion, we will all stop thinking and doing horrible things at any level of horribleness.  

The "Holy Days" are here.  Let's celebrate them now.

In Abundant Freedom,

Rev. Shawn