Here We Are

Hey Everybody,  
“Here We Are”

Sunday is my first Sunday back from Sabbatical.  It’s been a lovely time with plenty of insights and new experiences.  It’s great when we prove our principles true and prosper as a result.  

I’m grateful that all of our guest speakers brought such varied spiritual information and it’s wonderful how so many stepped up to make things run so smoothly.  Now, I’m thrilled about taking the pulpit back this week.  It’s what I’ve missed the most. I love, love, love our Sunday mornings together exploring what our metaphysical message means to each of us.

This week, right after the Celebration Service, we are having a Town Meeting to give everyone an opportunity to ask questions, to reflect and to look at where our church seems to be right now and where we think we are headed.  I encourage everyone to join in the service on Sunday at 10:30 and stay for the Town Meeting.

Grateful and Abundantly Blessed,

Rev. Shawn