God Doesn’t Give Anything

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“God Doesn’t Give Anything”

This can be a hard concept for those of us who have been taught to ask God for stuff.  In New Thought we are reminded that all Good already exists, so to ask God for it implies that it doesn’t.  And yet, if we are asking for it, we are assuming that it does exist, it’s just that we don’t see it.

What we must shift is learning about Will and Understanding in manifestation.  First of all, manifestation is not about getting, it is about seeing or realizing.  So what needs to happen is a meditation life that includes the realization that “if God has it, I have it.”  The Truth is, I can’t get anything from God that I don’t already have.  

Let’s get on board with the understanding that God Is, rather than God has or God gives or God does.

I understand that it seems as if many things happen magically.  (Look, no hands!”)  However, they don’t and they never will.  Everything happens by a series of thoughts mixed together to bring about a particular result.  The result is never a reward or a punishment.  This is why we need to start consciously aligning our thoughts, words and actions with what God Is.  (Even magic tricks have a foundation in thought.)  

Let’s align ourselves in prayer and meditation by affirming our own identity with what God IS.  God IS: Presence, Power, Knowledge, Wisdom, Love, Peace, Joy, and a lot of other characteristics that I can’t define.  Then we can affirm, “I AM POWER!  IAM PRRSENCE!  I AM KNOWLEDGE!  I AM WISDOM!  I AM LOVE!  I AM PEACE!  I AM JOY!  I AM WHAT GOD IS!  I AM GOOD!”

In Oneness,

Rev. Shawn