Dynamics for Living

Dynamics For Living by Charles Fillmore

Each week we will read several excerpts from this vital Unity book.  During the reading we will discuss and get clearer understanding of our language and how we can better apply the principles of thinking and healing.

“It is an exceptional book as it explains the tenets of the Unity Movement clearly.”

“After much study, practical application, and definite results from living a spiritual life, I have to say that this book is one that steered me in the right direction from the beginning. Of all of Charles Fillmore’s books, which I do own, this one has given me a clear understanding of the way the man thinks pertaining to New Thought Principles. Some of his other books can get a little deep (like mysteries of Genesis), but this one really seemed to grab me from the first read.”

“I finally had to put the highlighter down because I was highlighting the whole book. It is fabulous.”

Tuesday's at 11 AM EST
Beginning October 27th - January 19th  (It is okay to drop in when you are available)  
Cost: Love offering

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Rev.  Shawn  Moninger  is  an  ordained  Unity  Minister, currently serving as senior minister at Unity Center of Norwalk since 2004.  Rev. Shawn and his partner David Friedman are in high demand as speakers in  the  New Thought and Unity movements. They travel extensively speaking at prominent events such as the International New Thought  Alliance Conference, Unity Conference, retreats and leading churches throughout the country.