Do I Have a Primary Purpose?

Living From the Super-consciousness
"Do I Have a Primary Purpose?"

Many are confused over what their purpose in life is.  Members of certain Twelve Step groups have it easier.  Their purpose is spelled out for them.  In A.A. for example the preamble states, “Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help another alcoholic to achieve sobriety.”  That’s clear. 

Purpose is the reason why something is done.  It’s not entirely different from one’s personal mission.  My purpose is to remember that I am Good and to remind everyone that they are Good and cannot not be Good.  With that statement I have a good reason to be here.

If you don’t yet know or have forgotten your purpose, I suggest you pray on it.  Ask yourself what your passions are.  Or what your interests are.  Ask yourself what you believe about God and how you can be an active example of that belief. 

We are human beings and not human doings; however, our purpose ought to drive us into action so that we are active participants in life. 

Dig in and see what’s up for you.  If you are already active in your purpose, fantastic!  If not, keep looking and asking.

Glad to know that we are Good together
Rev. Shawn