The Difference Between Hope and Faith

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"The Difference Between Hope and Faith"

The basic difference between Hope and Faith is that hope is about the future and faith is about right now.  “I hope this will happen.”  “I hope I get that.” Or, “I trust that my good is unfolding now.”   “I know that Spirit is at work.”  It’s the difference between, “The Universe is on my side” and “The Universe is going to be on my side.”

What Good is taking place in your life right now?  Look within and all around.  What are you aware of?  Where is your faith directed?  Even if you are placing your faith in the future, you are stating what your faith is right now.  “I have faith that this will be good or bad.”  “I hope that it will be good.”  

 What’s important to notice is whether or not you are conscious of your faith.  Are you?  Are you aware that you are stating your faith every time you offer an opinion, positive or negative?  When we have conversations and we say what we think, we are showing our faith, positive or negative.  When we look in the mirror and say things, they are an expression of our faith.  Certainly on Facebook, when we hit “post” we are telling the whole world what our faith is today…or at least the people in our algorithm.  

 Most of us have hope for a great future.  Let’s all get on board with placing our faith in a great God.

I Hope You’re Well Today,

Rev. Shawn