Creating a World That Works for Everyone

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Creating a World That Works For Everyone”

This statement is the mission for several Unity churches as well as Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM).  I am fine with keeping our mission here at Unity Center as it is, “To continually discover, demonstrate and educate that our source of Good is God within.”

If we practice this, we are creating a world that works for all and we won’t even be trying to.  The practice of our mission makes that an inevitability.  

Are you willing to have a world that works for all?  We don’t have to know what that looks like right now.  It’s about willingness.  The willingness to know that it is possible and the willingness to show up for it.  

There are certain basics that can be taken right now.  If you steal, stop it.  Stealing doesn’t work for anybody; not even the thief.  If you kill (even in character assassination) stop it.  That doesn’t create a working world for anybody.  I think you get my drift here.  

It seems to me that everybody wants to know that they are loved and many if not most have forgotten that.  So they have settled for less.  Even the biggest bully wants to know that they are loved.  They just lost faith and insight of how to achieve it.  We want a world where everyone KNOWS they are loved.  It seems to me that we have to start the ball rolling on that.  I have to start KNOWING that I am loved even on the days that the days are hard.  A hard day isn’t saying I am not loved; it is saying the day is hard to accept as it is.  Keep affirming, “I am Loved and I live in Love!”  

One Being at a time, let’s create a world that works for all.    

Let’s let that be both our Thanksgiving and Advent Message,
Rev. Shawn