The Christ In Me Is Awake Now

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"The Christ In Me Is Awake Now"

I affirm that frequently.  Sometimes it’s an affirmation, sometimes it’s an acknowledgement.  What does it mean?

This is my understanding here.  The Christ is a consciousness not a person.  I like to think of it as the memory of God.  The memory of Joy.  The memory of Presence.  The memory of Health and well-being.  The memory of Wisdom and Knowledge and Love.  It is the memory of Good.

Jesus was given the title because it means “anointed one.”  But what is the anointing?  It’s the remembering of what I AM and what WE ARE.  It’s our natural state, rather than our made up one.  

So for me to proclaim, “The Christ in me is awake now!” is to claim that I remember Good even if I can’t consciously tell you how.  I have had healings both mentally and physically when I have made that proclamation.  I have felt the temperature of my body shift and I have known things I didn’t know that I knew after my announcement.  

I invite you to practice this statement in your prayer and meditation times and see if there is a difference in your experiences.  Let me know.


Rev. Shawn