Christ-ist Living Series Week Seven: “Praise”

Hey Everybody,
Christ-ist Living Series
Week Seven: “Praise”

Continuing in our “Christ-ist Living” series, (If you don’t know what that is, go back and read the first two weeks) we must practice Praise.  Using our Divine Intelligence we must come to terms that praise is more positively effective than criticism.

What do you have to praise in your existence?  Gratitude is the number one healer, so find what is praiseworthy and then “think on these things.”  

Start the day with praise for your life.  Praise what you like and what you don’t like.  Praise the air you breathe.  

In Christ-ist living we seek to consciously connect with our Source.  How can we do that if our critical eye is more active than our grateful eye?  Look within your mind and begin to praise your life.  If there are some things you cannot yet find praiseworthy, set them aside and look for what is.  Make this a regular part of your hour by hour practice.  Tell people that you are grateful for their presence in your life.  I have one friend who always says, “I’m grateful for your practice.”  He is referring to his spiritual practice.  We need friends who have a strong spiritual practice.  Seek those friends out and let them know you are grateful for their practice.  

You and I also need to be a friend who has a strong spiritual practice.  We need to be a light for those who are consciously on the path and those who want to be on the path but have forgotten the way.  Give thanks for your practice now.  Is your spiritual practice praiseworthy?  If you think it is, praise it and give thanks for what it is and how it may grow.

Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, praise, Praise and Praise some more.

You’re the Best.

The Christ In Me Beholds the Christ In You,

Rev. Shawn