Christ-ist Living Series Week Eight: “Assume God’s will is GOOD for ALL beings”

Christ-ist Living Series
Week Eight: “Assume God’s will is GOOD for ALL beings”


Hey Everybody,

Continuing in our “Christ-ist Living” series, I am reminding us all that we must seek God first in everything and assume that we will be guided for the Good of ALL.  

Those are two important things in living in the highest consciousness.  We must seek God in our consciousness, and we must assume that God is Good and wills the greatest for everyone.  That includes the ones we like and the ones we fear.  You could ask, “But why doesn’t God do something about all of this mess, Shawn?”  Here’s why, Because God IS the solution, not a problem solver.  Many of us want God to fix our problems but not change our thoughts.  All of our problems here on planet earth, and I would imagine elsewhere, is because we have forgotten God and we only want God as a pinch hitter for some of our problems, but not all of them.  Many of us would like to take the reigns from God and mete out punishment where we think it belongs.  We don’t want God’s will if it means everyone is forgiven.  It’s a real dilemma. So the problem has become, not God’s will, but our own egoic will where we are not willing good for all beings…often not even for ourselves. 

Today, let’s use our prayer and meditation time to become very honest with ourselves about what we currently believe about God and what we’d like to believe about God.  Next, consider what you understand about thought and thinking and how you control your experiences by what you think.  Finally, consider your love and hate levels.  Would you be willing to let Love transform these levels to make way for the Good of all beings?  It’s a big assignment, but most of us have time right now.  Let’s go for it.

Thank you for considering such a thing.  (Oh, and if you want to argue any part of this because you don’t like or resonate with some of the wording and consider what I mean.)

I sing praise to the highest in us all.

The Christ In Me Beholds the Christ In You,

Rev. Shawn