Your Bottom Is When You Stop Digging

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Your Bottom Is When You Stop Digging”

How many of us have stopped digging to reach the bottom of our misery?  I’m not writing this to make any of us guilty.  Remember, guilt is not redemption.  

Some of us have reached the depths of misery that we never thought possible and yet still we keep digging the hole deeper.  Some are better at masking it than others.  Some of us live in squalor in our minds or in our homes and because we put on a clean shirt when we leave the house (if we leave the house) we think no one sees us and what we think of ourselves.  

These are extreme examples here: the alcoholic who is still functioning, the drug addict who has to cover their arms, the hoarder whose home is infected with insects and vermin, the rageful individual who yells at strangers in the streets when they think no one is watching, the debtor who has no idea of how they will ever pay their debts, the gambler who always knows the next lucky streak is around the corner and yet that corner doesn’t seem to be nearby.  The one whose shame is so great that they make everyone else that attacker while they are attacking everyone.  And all of these God-beings keep doing it even though they know it doesn’t work and that joy is possible if they would just change their mind and take a different action into the unknown.  STOP DIGGING!  Decide now that this is your bottom and whatever God is, it doesn’t need you to be miserable or afraid or addicted to thoughts and behaviors that don’t work.

Whatever God is, it has a life rope to pull you up out of the hole you have been digging no matter how long or how deep the hole you are in is.  Surrender that this old way no longer works and surrendering is your luck break.  

If your bottom is as deep as some of the ones I have described or if it isn’t nearly as severe as some of these but it is still your bottom, give up and give in.   Hand your misery over to Love and stop digging.  So many have healed before you so we know it is possible.  I am one of those people who has had several fantastic healings because I began to want to know God more than I wanted to keep being frightened and alone.  I didn’t want to keep thinking the thoughts I was thinking.  

Healing is available in obvious and not so obvious ways.  However, healing is available for our minds, our bodies, our relationships, our homes, our money, our world.   We just have to start climbing up for the solution.  Remember, once you’ve reached bottom, stop digging.


All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn