Would I Do This If Somebody Was Watching?

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Would I Do This If Somebody Was Watching?”

Would you litter if somebody were watching?  Do you litter if no one is watching?  Do you steal when no one is watching?  Do you lie when you know you won’t get caught?

My thought is this:  God is Presence itself.  So, we are never alone.  It’s not that God is a person watching, but my highest consciousness that sees me all of the time and is aware of what I’m thinking and doing.  It’s not that this Consciousness is judging, but it knows and I can’t move forward in joy and peace and love while doing what I know to be out of alignment with my highest consciousness.

Some know this and say, “So what!  I’ll get around to better behaviors later; I don’t want to wake up right now.”

In some ways I rather admire the individuals who don’t experience shame and they are willing to show their stuff in front of everyone.  It’s like someone who doesn’t worry about how they dance.  They love to dance and they don’t care what anyone thinks.  Same with singing.  It’s wonderful when someone finds and appropriate venue to get up and sing.  (The next table over from me is a restaurant is not an appropriate venue.)  There is never an appropriate venue for littering, stealing, killing, hurting another human or animal etc…

The point here is just because another person doesn’t see me doing something I know is wrong to do, doesn’t mean I won’t experience the negative effects of those thoughts and behaviors.  I know when I do something wrong.  I know when I’m out of alignment and I know that guilt will not redeem me.  Spirituality doesn’t need guilt, it needs correct perception and behaviors that go along with it.

If you want to dance alone in your bedroom, go ahead, that won’t hurt anyone.  If you want to litter in our streets, it makes a huge difference that affects all of us.  Think about it.

In the Love of Correct Perception,
Rev. Shawn