Where Have I Been at Fault?

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Where Have I Been at Fault?”

Sometimes that question can be filled with recriminations and judgment that isn’t exactly accurate.  Perhaps a better question may be, “Where did I come up short in that situation?”  Or “How was I mistaken or confused in that?”  

It’s important to pay attention to where we come up short in our thinking so that perhaps we can stop doing that.  It’s like, “Oh, I said/did that and I feel awful.  I think I won’t say or do that again.”  It’s pretty simple, although not necessarily easy.

The hardest part comes in our resistance. A great argument for taking responsibility for our thoughts words and actions is, “Yeah, but…”  “Yeah, but, what you did was just as bad or worse.”  “Yeah, but, I didn’t know I was doing that when I did it.”  “Yeah, but, I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”  (Substitute, “I didn’t know my mind was loaded when I opened my mouth.”  

The God of my understanding is not mad at us and is not looking for where to blame us.  It’s about knowing where I was at fault or came up short or missed the mark so I can rethink my thinking and behaviors in order to better function in joy.  

Joy, isn’t that a good reason to face everything and heal?

All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn