What If That's None of Your Business,You Such and Such?

Living From the Super-consciousness
"What If That's None of Your Business,You Such and Such? "

David and I have created a way of communication that is effective and gets to the point.  David is one who asks a lot of questions.  Questions that I don’t generally have the answers to.  He’s not wrong for wanting the answers to these questions, but I don’t like to frequently affirm “I don’t know.”  It’s not the best to my way of thinking.  Nevertheless, he will ask what the weather is going to be and I have to affirm “I don’t know.”  Once is awhile it’s okay, but on a daily basis, it’s unnerving.  

One night we were on our way to a party and he first asked who was going to be there.  Once again I said, “I don’t know,” while thinking who cares, stop asking questions.  Next he asked what they were serving.  Finally, I found the right response, “It’s really none of your business.”  That felt so good, and he laughed.  We both laughed.  He decided we should add a couple of choice words at the end of that sentence (I won’t say them here so “You such and such” will have to do.  Feel free to create your own words or ask me privately.)  

We say that a lot now and we continue to laugh.  I no longer resent the questions and he doesn’t mind my reaction.  We have passed this along to many couples who are also using this technique to communicate what used to be frustrating.  

I believe that in my Godself, I have all knowledge within me, and yet there are trivial details of the earth that I do not know.  I don’t want to diminish my Knowing by affirming :I don’t know” over things that really don’t matter.  So, by all means, the next time someone you love asks one too many questions, by all means reply, “It’s really none of your business you such and such.”

Have fun in living your life today.

Please don’t ever decide that “This is the only way to think about it.”  
All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn