What Does Patriotism Mean?

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"What Does Patriotism Mean?"
Dear << Test First Name >>,

Yesterday was July 4th, a day that is traditionally about recognizing the freedom that was fought for and won.  Honoring July 4th is considered a patriotic thing to do.  However, it seems that patriotism has become confused with an attitude that betrays the full concept of freedom for all beings.  I am grateful for all who have served our country to advance everyone’s freedom to live and live well.  “And justice for ALL” means ALL, not just for some.  

Our country was pioneered for religious freedom, not for judgment and prejudiced over what is not understood.  We are not here for “self-righteousness”, but “God-consciousness.”  

There must be a solution to all of this self-righteous hatred.  The solution can’t be to hate the haters.  For that would make me a hater and I don’t want to be a hater.  My goal is to be a lover…of myself and all humankind.  The God of my understanding is Love for all beings…even the ones whose personalities distract me.  

How do I love those who hate themselves so much that they hate me…for my sexuality, my race, my cultural and religious heritage?  How do I love those who insist on staying ignorant to the love that God is?  How do I love those who would kill me?  These are the questions we, as spiritual scientists must ask ourselves.  

I can’t afford to hate the haters.  The price is too high.  It will cost me the memory of my soul.  I’ve been working to clean up my resentments and thus clean up my mind from “justified” hatred.  There is no justified hatred.  There is just telling myself a story and then telling myself to believe it.  

My patriotism is my loyalty to work for the justice of all human-kind: women, blacks, gays, drag queens, trans, republicans, democrats, independents, Jews, Muslims, Christians, New Thoughters, singers, dancers, office workers, retailers, fat, thin, short, tall, hairy and bald, girls, boys, people who agree with me and those who don’t.  (Please include those I have neglected to mention by name here.)

The message of Jesus in his Christ awakening was, “Love God, Love Self and Love your neighbors.”  That is not an instruction to do these things in a particular order.  What he is saying is that you can’t do one without doing all three and if you think you can separate them and do one at a time, you are wrong.  No one loves God and hates.  It’s that simple; if you hate, you do not love God.  Fortunately, whatever God IS, It loves us.  Now, let’s get on board and start loving in every direction.  

Happy Fourth of July.

All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn