Ugh or Ahhh?

Hey U-nity,

Living From the Super-consciousness

“Ugh or Ahhh?”

Funny thing, we don’t all think and feel the same way about everything. I was reminded of this yesterday in a very simple exchange.  

I was speaking with a friend and he was expressing his hatred of daylight savings time. He said that he hates that it’s now getting dark so early. I thought about that and realized that I like waking up to daylight now. If I were offered my preference, I would prefer to have daylight from 6 AM to 10 PM each day, every day. I’ve not been offered my preference.

I have, however, been offered the choice of how to think and react to anything and everything and anyone and everyone. I prefer to have fewer “Ughs” in my day and more “Ahhhhs”. I don’t want to be miserable or “hate” what I’m powerless over. My life should never be unmanageable over my thoughts and emotions. (My life should never be unmanageable.)

Look into your day. Choose the thoughts that are the most satisfying. Do you want an “UGH!”? Or an “AHHHH!”? It’s your choice. Just don’t impose your choices others; let them stay in their ignorant bliss.

All the Best For Today,

Rev. Shawn