Spot Your Gifts

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Spot Your Gifts”

Do you spend more time thinking about what’s missing in yourself or do you take ample time to appreciate the Good that resides within you?  Too many of us negate the gifts we have to offer.  

I was speaking with a group the other day and the topic was “rigorous honesty.”  Usually that inspires talk about how we have lied to each other about things in our lives. Many confessed that they have lied when there was no reason to lie.

What occurred to me is how I have lied to myself. For years I told myself that I couldn’t sing.  One day I stopped telling myself that and said, “Maybe I can sing.”  Next I found out that I can sing.  In fact, I sing rather well.  I told myself I couldn’t get up on a stage and be funny.  I stopped lying to myself and now I’m an award winning comic.  I told myself I wasn’t good enough to be a minister.  I didn’t know it was a lie I was telling myself.  But when I started listening to the Voice inside of me that is Spirit-based instead of an egoic liar, I became a minister.  I have done many things since I stopped lying to myself.

I had no idea how I could do these things, but when I stopped lying by saying I couldn’t, it showed up that I could and still can.  

I used these examples because they were my passions.  What are your passions that you would like to experience but have been telling yourself that you couldn’t?  Interrupt the “I can’ts” and go within and ask, “How can I?”  Remind yourself that you are as good as Shawn so you can do things you never thought you could.  Let “I can” become your spiritual gifts.  

If you have a passion for something, give it your best shot.  I don’t know if you’ll win awards.  I didn’t set out to win anything.  I just wanted to find out if I could.  That was what was important.  I had to do it.  Whether I was great at these things or dreadful, I could know that I had tried.  Turns out, I have several gifts flowing through me.

Find out about your gifts.  Find out through experience.  What are you longing to try?  Show up for it with a plan for success.  Show up with a faith that you are loved by God and can’t not be loved.  Show up knowing you may not be a finished product but a work in process.  

I have a friend who showed up here at Unity for Open-mic a few months ago.  She sang a song while reading the lyrics from her phone.  She sounded lovely, but disconnected from the lyric. She basically only knew how to sing-a-long with a famous recording.  I suggested that she book a coaching session with Kenneth so that he could record tracks on her phone for her to rehearse with in her key rather than someone else’s.  She did it.  She has advanced herself within her gifts.

Show up, take risks, laugh as much as possible.  Have your feelings and don’t become your feelings.  Find out how to let your gifts shine in even bigger ways.

All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn