Simple and Easy Doesn’t Mean It’s Cheating

Hey U-nity,

Living From the Super-consciousness

“Simple and Easy Doesn’t Mean It’s Cheating”

It’s okay for life and the living of it to be easy. Many of us keep complicating it by worrying. We worry about what we think. We worry about what we think others are thinking about us. We worry about money, love, sex, careers, the weather, the sky and the ground.

For some, possibly many, there is concern about getting help around these things. As if we are somehow cheating if we don’t think up the solutions to our concerns ourselves. We are all here, we might as well let those who are better experienced at certain things use their strengths to make us stronger.

It is a foolish thing to isolate around our perceived problems when there is so much help and enlightenment available.

There is always a simple solution to every issue. I won’t say it is always easy. Sometimes people say to me, “It’s complicated.” I disagree. What makes things complicated is when we are trying to control it or other people for the outcome. Complications arise when personalities take priority over principle. We get confused and put God and True Wisdom second or even further down the line.

I have known a handful of people who have gone to jail while trying to prosper in an unprosperous way. How can we go out of integrity and expect to thrive and prosper? There has got to be a way to prosper and still remain within the bounds of both spiritual and human law.

When I was studying to become a minister I asked for and received all sorts of help in my education and practicum. I needed a course in accounting. I found a CPA to tutor me through the course. I had to take a creative writing course. I found a songwriter to coach me through the different styles of writing. It wasn’t cheating. I couldn’t discover those methods on my own in such a short time. I got an education from people who knew how to do this stuff. They didn’t do it for me; they showed me how to do it.

If you are hesitant about asking and receiving help for any reason, (sobriety, finances, legal issues, filling out a resume, applying for aid, etc…) please go ahead and seek the help that is available to you. Don’t let embarrassment, shame or guilt stand in your way. Offer the universe an opportunity to help you. You would help the universe where you have strengths, let a great exchange of support begin.

Congratulations to us all,

Rev. Shawn