Silence, the Greatest Aspect Of STRENGTH

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
Twelve Powers Series
“Silence, the Greatest Aspect of STRENGTH

     In Unity’s Twelve Powers, the tenth Power is Strength.  Strength’s home in the body is at the small of the back.  I was impressed to learn that Silence is a part of Strength.  Then I thought about it and I got it.  It takes a lot to be silent.  It takes a lot to be still.  So many of us are “human-doings” rather than human-beings.  

     Once we let go of the idea that our identity isn’t about what we do but rather what we are, we can then get on board with being quiet.  I don’t have to identify myself by what I say or what I do.  I AM.  I AM!

     That can be disconcerting to give in to that one.  I AM!  Most of us want to keep that sentence going, “I AM ________!  In practicing our Power of Strength we don’t have to fill it in.  I AM! Is a complete sentence.  To follow it with something will just weaken it.

     During my recent taking of the Vipassana Course of silent meditation for ten days, I learned how unimportant most of my thoughts and sensations are.  The world ran just fine without me offering my opinions.  It hurts my feelings a little bit that my wisdom wasn’t sought out during that time and it is a relief that I have been imagining my importance in the world.  My value is in my willingness to be where I am. In that group I meditated with, my value was sitting alongside everyone else.  Their value was sitting alongside of me.  When I show up at a support group I help everyone just by showing up.  I share my experience, strength and hope because I was advised to.  Everyone who shows up helps me just by showing up.  

     This week, work with your Power of Strength.  Each day, perhaps several times a day declare, “I AM!” and then go on about your business.  Feel the Power of Strength flow up through your spine as you declare what you are in your God-self and you release all diminishment of your self.  Observe where your strength is called for in your world and where it isn’t.  Sometimes it is good to be quiet.

     Charles Eastman said, “Silence is the cornerstone of character.”  Let your very being speak for your self.  “I AM!”

Rev. Shawn