Prayer and Meditation Are Essential for Peace

Living From the Super-consciousness
"Prayer and Meditation Are Essential for Peace"


How many of you think you cannot meditate?  I frequently hear, “I can’t meditate.  I think too much.”  

We all think during meditation.  It is by gently bringing yourself back from the thinking into the meditation that gives you the greatest benefit.  Somewhere a rumor started that you’re not supposed to think when you meditate.  I don’t know any human being who doesn’t think.

Some like to say that “prayer is for asking and meditation is for listening.”

Prayer is a conscious communion with your Highest Self.  It is not asking for something as if it is absent, but affirming your oneness with the Highest.  Through affirming the presence of what is perceived as absent one can reveal the very thing that seems to be missing.

Meditation is for relaxing and being.  Sometimes in the quiet we get great spiritual revelations and other times we just get quiet and a revelation happens later when we most need it.  There are also times that we just get quiet.

Take your time to find a way that works for you and offers you the most.  It takes work and commitment and its worth it.

All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn