One Thought Can Do a Lot of Stuff

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“One Thought Can Do a Lot of Stuff”

One thought changes something.  One thought changes everything.  Thought is the cause of all changes.  Pay attention to your thinking and notice what shifts with the string of thoughts you are having.  As you read this, observe the thoughts you are having.  I’m observing my thoughts as I write this and I noticed I changed my mind about what I’m having for dinner tonight.  I’m observing my thoughts about someone in my church.  I’m observing my thoughts about what I think you are thinking and that influences what I’m writing.

A thought to make a phone call can lead to a chain of thoughts that lead to the solution that had seemed so evasive an hour ago.  

A thought of writing a book leads to many thoughts.

A thought of forgiveness can bring about the experience of forgiveness for many.

A thought of prayer changes everything…sometimes for the better and sometimes it just brings up thoughts of resistance.

A thought of tithing can lead to all sorts of prosperity.  Just as a thought of lack can lead to all sorts of other lack thoughts.  

Notice your thoughts.  Try to judge them as little as possible.  Notice them and then notice what they lead to.  You will find out just how powerful your thinking self is.

All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn