The Obsession To Think

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“The Obsession To Think”

When I stopped drinking I was blessed to have my obsession to drink lifted, but my obsession to think was not.  I am filled with thoughts and they entertain and delight and horrify me all day long.  That is why I need to think with God in my consciousness rather than telling myself stories about life that just aren’t true.  

When I get to thinking, I can go off on a tangent of made up details that lead down a pathway that, while entertaining, doesn’t help me to remember my god-self or your god-self.  It does become an obsession though.  Oh I like my thoughts, even if they are distracting.  I feel like I’m in charge when I think unto myself.

That’s why I need to pray first and interrupt my thoughts while I’m doing it.

Thoughts are not synonymous with ideas.  Ideas include thoughts but random thinking is vague and not based on inspiration.  Ideas are inspired and one idea can lead to the next until a great manifestation takes place.  

If you catch yourself obsessing with your thinking, please interrupt the thinking and go within and ask for True thoughts that lead to divine ideas.  Trust me, ask, wanting to know and you will most likely instantly receive the Good you are seeking.  Trust me with this one and find out.

All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn