Merry Everything!

Hey Unity
Living From the Super-consciousness
"Merry Everything!"

Let remember to find out the Good we have in common rather than what makes us different.  Merry Everything!  As long as what we are seeking to celebrate within our spirituality is for the good of all people, let’s not judge each other’s path but embrace it.  

I believe my path of spirituality is a good one and is willing that all beings are embraced in love and health as well as prosperity.  If your path is different, do you embrace this good for all on their path?  

Let’s go for it.  If you know someone who doesn’t seem to have a path, offer them yours and then let Spirit take over.  Invite them to our Christmas Eve Service or a Sunday Celebration Service.  Or even, love them from afar.  

Let’s see how we can all come from Love and then offer Love so that we can have more in common than different.

Merry Everything That Is Good,
Rev. Shawn