Make A List of What Is Good About You

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Make A List of What Is Good About You”

Do you have favorite things about yourself?  It’s not egotistical to appreciate yourself or aspects of yourself.  God is still the Source and Supply of all that is us, but sometimes we ignore that because we are focusing on what we think is wrong about us or what needs to be fixed.  Let’s be Good where we sit or stand.

Whether there are a hundred things on your list or just one or two, we need to take time to be appreciative and grateful for them.  Is it the way you think that you think is good about you?  Is it the way you look?  (Please don’t go the place, “yes, I like this except for…”)

Go make your list now and be open to that list expanding.  Then in prayer, give thanks for all that is good about you.  God is your Source & Supply but it’s you who experiences you.  Have fun with who and what you are.

All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn