Maintaining Our Spiritual Practice

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Maintaining Our Spiritual Practice”

Before one can maintain a spiritual practice, one must create a spiritual practice.  I’m going to assume that everyone here has already had a spiritual practice.  Now, are you maintaining it?

What is your practice?  Is it satisfying or obligatory?  

To practice is to get better at something (one hopes).  To practice is to master.  That what we want.  We want to be masters at prayerful demonstration.  I guess that would make us “Master Demonstrators.”  We want to be masters in love, life, wisdom, peace, joy and anything else God has to offer.  Mastery comes about through practice.  Trial and error.  Spiritual scientific experimentation.  

Our practice gives us the confidence to know that all things are working out for Good and we don’t have to worry about the results, we just need to continue in our practice until we see the manifestation.  

Maintain and expand your practice so that you can continue to know and pass along your wisdom.


All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn