Let’s Know God in the Ouch

Things hurt all the time.  We bump our elbow.  We bang our knee.  We stub our toe.  Somebody says something that triggers an old memory of something that hurt.  People we love die and people we don’t love live.  Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!  

It’s a lot to contemplate and sometimes its hard to remember God in the hurting…or the “ouch” as I like to say.  

Let’s get in the habit of when something hurts, we say “Hi, God, I am loved and ouch!”  Pain doesn’t have to mean something other than “ouch.”  Yes, sometimes pain indicates something needs to be looked at more closely, but it doesn’t need a story that takes our mind away from God and the healing possibilities available.

I have been known to hurt myself somehow and say, “Hi God, I’m awake.”  ‘Cause sometimes it is clear that I’m not paying attention and I’m not treating myself as a being that lives in love and after the second, third or even fourth “ouch” I realize that I’m not paying attention and I need to acknowledge God in my consciousness.

So, today and every day, bring God into the “Ouch!”

I Awake God,
Rev. Shawn