Let Your Spirituality Be Practical, Not Magical

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Let Your Spirituality Be Practical, Not Magical”

Many of us participated in our annual Burning Bowl Ceremony on Sunday.  As much as I try to make it practical while still incorporating ritual into it, people still try to make it a fortune telling wish list.  Many years after they receive their letter back in the mail someone will say to me, “But it didn’t come true.”  

That’s because it wasn’t a wish list.  This is about the art of visioning and listening to the voice within that guides us to our perfect life and the expansion of it.  

Minister’s always explain that we are to place ourselves in consciousness for a year from now and feel what we see.  (I know that sounds magical, but really it’s mystical.)  Then people too often, write down what they would like to see without believing it’s possible.  We have to do our part in our manifesting on earth, but we ought to surrender our mind and thinking to Spirit far more than they do.

I now it can be frightening to surrender to God.  What if God doesn’t want what I want?  A new way to look at it is, God always wants what I want which is to be happy and know that I am loved.  The quest really is, what if what I think I want is what will make me happy or feel that I am loved?  So now we might consider for the future asking ourselves to surrender to the joy of God and see what happens.  If you need to rewrite your letter and drop it off at the church (either by mail or in person) by all means do so.  

Let’s let all of our prayers (both affirmations and denials) be declarations of what we believe is both practical and practicable.  Let’s not pray as if we are trying to get what we want, but pray as if we already have it and it’s here.

Listen up, Everybody.  This is sound spiritual guidance.

Happy New Day,
Rev. Shawn