Joy In Our Guts

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Joy In Our Guts”

Joy is natural and not based on conditions.  It sits in our guts.  Isn’t that a nice way of thinking about it?  We are told that joy is strength giving.  Imagine that: joy makes me strong.  Does being joy-filled mean I have a lot of guts?

“The joy of the Lord.”  I’ve heard that statement all of my life and it is just recently I have understood it.  It means the joy of living in integrity with Spirit.  Think about living your life where the God of your understanding is more important than your opinions, more than your resentments, more than your complaints, more than your politics, more than what you like!  Whatever God is, is more vital to your well-being than any of your personality.  That would take a lot of guts.

Today, choose the joy of God over anything else and begin to make it a practice.

In Joy-filled Presence,
Rev. Shawn